The Team Power Experience
At the value of €15000…

100% subsidized by the government!

To good to be true?

We have developed a program for teams ready to elevate their development to the next level, called The Team Power Experience.

Through our decisive approach and leveraging government budgets (SLIM-funding), we have created a program in which teams are thoroughly examined, and based on their specific needs, they receive clear answers and insights. All of this is 100% funded by the government; we take care of everything!

About us

Reinout holds the position of Director of Education at Awake Origins. For the last 7 years, he has been actively engaged with the BluePrint Scan on a daily basis. In his role as a feedbacker and coach, he supports and mirrors the process to facilitate self-discovery.

Tom is a seasoned trainer, consultant, and coach at Sound of Life. His aspiration is to guide individuals back to their true selves through the sessions he offers. Tom’s expertise lies in Training and Development · Individual & Team Coaching· People & Process Management · Career Evaluation

What's Next?

If you want your team to be thoroughly examined, check below to see if you meet the conditions:

1. The company you work for is an SME with a turnover of up to a maximum of 50 million euros.
2. The company you work for has a maximum of 250 FTE (Full-Time Equivalent employees).
3. Your company is based in the Netherlands.
4. You and your team are interested in undertaking a learning/development trajectory.
5. The goal is to initiate a comprehensive learning and development program for your team.

ATTENTION: You can apply for the SLIM subsidy until March 28, 2024!

Do you meet the above conditions? Congratulations, you qualify for the fully subsidized ‘The Team Power Experience.

Call now to schedule an appointment with Tom Albertsma at +31 6 25141287, and we’ll get started for you right away. Alternatively, you can send an email to