The Team Power Experience

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The Team Power Experience


You and your team will be introduced into the program and will be shown what comes


Each teammember will fill out a questionnaire and explain their personal & business goals


Each teammember will have a 1 on 1 feedback on the results of the BluePrint Scan and will receive a personal report


A closing session with the RoadMap to talk about the relevant theme and to take action


In this session the program will be reviewed with all the participants. What went well, what could be better and which actions are taken

The BluePrint Scan

The BluePrint Scan is a quantum psychological scan with laser beamed precision which is able to measure the unique energetic blueprint of your psyche.

It was developed by psychologist and top-level consultant, Laurens Vehmeijer, and has been successfully utilized in the executive arena and in leadership development for over 40 years.

It distinguishes itself from all other tests on the market as it connects directly to our subconscious being and measures its resonance with language and our individual connotations and experience thereof. Its accuracy cannot be influenced by the conscious mind.

The BluePrint Scan is the nucleus of all that we are.

It is at the heart of all our programs as it provides the foundation for self-reflection. It enables us to unravel ourselves on multiple levels, facilitating gaining an understanding of who we are, our innate character, inner motivations as well as our limiting beliefs.

Our clients use its insights to pinpoint strengths and pitfalls and to gain clarity on their unique mission and vocation in life.

You fill out the Scan in about 15 minutes.

About Us

At Sound of Life we facilitate with our method everyone’s uniqueness and optimal place. This is how we build happiness and success. Good leadership and professional coaching need inspiration.

That is in people and in teams. Inside – out! With yourself as the benchmark! What are you doing and where are you at this moment? Why do people come to you? What do you want for yourself? What do you need?

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